In the last three years, 99% of students have claimed to have improved their conceptual understanding
in Math/Science.

All classes are LIVE and fully interactive.

A student can attend a total of 3 trial classes.

No, there will be no homework given. Our program is complete – students don’t have to do necessarily
anything beyond the class.

There will be a Weekly Test on Sunday and a few more tests throughout the week.

The test reports are sent weekly and the monthly reports are sent once every month.

A student can clear their doubts anytime within or beyond the class. The student will also be a part of a
WhatsApp Group where they can clear their doubts 24/7 from expert faculty.

No, there won’t be any screening test. But we take a Concept Test to understand the conceptual
understanding of the student. There will no filtering that happens on the basis of their marks.

It was founded in the year 2017 by NS Ranjan, an Alumni of Birla Institute of Technology.

Mentors are subject experts who are selected from the top universities of the country.

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