Class 8

Math and Science Syllabus: Grade 8

1. Rational Numbers
2. Linear Equations
3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
4. Practical Geometry
5. Data Handling
6. Squares and Square Roots
7. Cube and Cube Roots
8. Comparing Quantities
9. Algebraic Expressions
10. Visualizing Shapes
11. Mensuration
12. Exponents and powers
13. Direct and Inverse Proportions
14. Factorisation
15. Introduction to Graphs
16. Playing with Numbers
And few others.

1. Crop Production and Management
2.. Microorganisms
3. Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
4. Materials-Metals and Nonmetals
5. Coal and Petroleum
6. Combustion and Flame
7. Conservation of Plants and Animals
8. Cell-Structure and Functions
9. Reproduction in Animals
10. Reaching the age of Adolescence
11. Force and Pressure
12. Friction
14.Chemical effects of Electric Current
15. Some natural Phenomenon
16. Light
17. Stars and the Solar system
And few others.

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