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Welcome to Concept Kendra

If you are here, you are thinking in the right direction – concepts are the prime; and that is exactly what we are trying to impart to students – conceptual learning which is not just interesting and fun but also stress-free! Researched and developed for three years by the Alumni of Birla Institute of Technology, especially for the young tender minds to enrich their learning and thinking capacities

Our Goal

Every competitive exam – from JEE, NEET to the CAT and GATE – there’s majorly one thing that is tested – conceptual understanding. In the year 2011-12, while we were doing our Class 11 and Class 12, we realized how different our mode of learning was up to Class 10. Back at school, the pressure was on scoring higher marks, solving questions that we didn’t even fully understand – leading to skipping the concepts and worst – memorizing them. Class 11, 12 and further higher studies demand in-depth understanding of concepts. 6 years later, we started Concept Kendra to solve this problem at the school level. Our goal has been to provide a stress-free curriculum to the students for learning Math and Science.

More than 50% of students feel stressed by these subjects and hence opt to wrong learning methodologies, like rote learning/memorizing the concepts in the quest for gaining approvable marks. We want to let parents know that learning without feeling stressed is possible. Our  numbers speak for themselves. At Concept Kendra, 92% of students say they have Zero Stress from Math and Science; and about 98% of students claim their Math and Science is improving. How is that possible? Our well-designed curriculum delivered by expert faculty with finely curated questions and systematic exams is the answer. You can book our trial class and see  what your child has to say!

Our Program Features

Expert Mentors

Children need more than a teacher – to understand their
learning capacities, to monitor their results and talk to them.


Short sessions, efficient learning and practice, and no homework curriculum remove the stress and boost the

LIVE Classes and LIVE Test

All classes are online and are not pre-recorded. Tests are
taken LIVE and online; and are fully cheat-proof. Access the lectures anytime throughout the academic year

Limited Students

Limited Student number increase personal attention and
learning effectivity. The students are limited, the learning is maximum.

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